We are pleased to announce CSM’s intensified effort into several innovations to address the issue of sustainability of concrete construction. The synthesis and exploitation of biomass silica for sustainable construction on soft soil has attracted much interest. The development of new cementitious products as a low carbon media is an exciting work in progress. Pervious concrete pavement for rainwater harvesting and flash flood mitigation are among some of the initiatives undertaken to improve the quality of life. It is important that we maintain our passion for the innovative utilization of concrete for the benefit of mankind.

Concrete Society of Malaysia (CSM) is pleased to be associated with Asian Concrete Construction Institute (ACCI) in several activities for the past two years. I wish to congratulate ACCI for the inaugural issue of the ACCI 2008 Yearbook. The effort is indeed timely as concrete has been and will remain as the major construction material. The Malaysia Concrete Week held recently in KL Convention Centre in conjunction with Malbex 2008 and ICW 2008 has created awareness and fascinated more people with concrete as a viable option for sustainable construction. The average person has no idea that the second most widely used substance in the world – after water – is concrete, but next week leading architects and engineers from all over the world are converging in New York to discuss the incredible advancements this material is bringing about in modern architecture. Redefined as an innovative and environmentally friendly material, concrete is shedding outdated associations with unattractive, urban construction.

The ACCI 2008 Yearbook contains useful contacts, guides and references related to concrete and construction. We believe that with relentless effort from all interested parties, it will serve its purpose to create value leading to greater success in your business. You are welcome to inform us about your view to make the Yearbook more relevant and useful in subsequent issues.

Prof. Dr. Lee Yee Loon
Past President
Concrete Society of Malaysia

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