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Earn Pin developed a passion for IT while he was pursuing his first degree in electrical engineering in UTHM (prviously known as KUiTTHO). I was writing up my PhD thesis then and applied for the IRPA research grants. Upon approval of the grant, Earn Pin was engaged to assist me under the working student scheme. We formed the IT-Lodge ( team and explored possibilities. We were striving to turn biomass disposal problems into opportunities for research and innovation. We focused on air, water quality and soft soil construction problems. Earn Pin’s final year project was a web-enabled water treatment system. Together with Kok Hou, we also developed a microcontroller-based remote monitoring and alert system.

We started Your Website Solution Sdn Bhd ( with the moto ‘be the first !’. We developed a research management system for KUiTTHO, the PPB online and a system for students to retrieve marks online and via SMS. We were funded by CRADLE and had opportunities to meet many entrepreneurs. We developed eVisa for Cambodia and managed to secure funding to contribute two schools under the Kumomo Tree Charity venture and the AAC programme.

Although my passion was concrete and construction, I realized the relevance of IT for sharing knowledge globally. We developed modules on R&D, teaching-learning and skill training and published books on HTML and LINUX. We looked at ways to provide shelter for the homeless affected by natural disasters. We developed the KUiK wall incorporating a remote monitoring and alert system. We learnt to file patents and took part in exhibition and competition. We won the first gold medal in 2005 !

We adopted a volunteerism approach for commercialization. As the President of the Concrete Society of Malaysia, we are aggressively driving innovations in concrete and construction. I went to Harvard Business School last year after the approval of the TechnoFund for renewable energy and sustainable development. A series of new ventures will be conducted in conjunction with the global entrepreneurship week 2008 to create awareness about ways to improve the quality of life of all creatures on earth (

Earn Pin’s latest work on How to start an online business covers various perspectives of IT entrepreneurship. He covered in a unique manner myths and realities of online business. We hope you enjoy reading this book and wish that you would explore with wisdom to create value in your endeavours.

Dr YL Lee
Research Advisor

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