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Kumomo Schools Updates
October 31st, 2008 | Posted by Pin

On 8th Oct 2008, our team make their grand tour to Cambodia to visit both the Kumomo Schools in Kampong Cham at the Batheay District, approximately two hours drive from the city of P

hnom Penh.
The launched was delayed, it was about 60% done now.

Thanks to Bernie and his team, the visit was great with they showing our team around the schools and meeting with the local district officers.
Local Cambodian kids

“In comparison, the youths in Malaysia are extremely lucky. We should all be grateful for everything that we have and learn to give to those who are more underprivileged than us,” Ammie said, after visiting both the schools.

On the visit, tour on duty.

“In these 6 days, we encountered joys and laughter, shocks and burns (sunburns). Besides the famous Angkor Archeology Park, Pub Street, Traditional Markets, Museums and Temple’s visits, we have headed off the beaten tracks to a rural area, 1 hour bumpy drive from the Phnom Penh city, for visiting an under-construction school, namely Kumomo School.” Said Chinseng.

About Rural Schools Project & Kumomo Schools

The Rural Schools Project was initiated by the American Assistance for Cambodia (AAfC) in 1999, and the project allows private donors to build schools with matching funds from the World Bank and Asian Development Bank for the kids and youths in rural Cambodia. Both Kumomo Schools was built with money collected through built and developed by

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