Sustainable Concrete Competition

Masdar City Sustainable Concrete Competition

Masdar City, the carbon-neutral, zero-waste, clean-technology cluster in Abu Dhabi, is a pioneer in driving the development of increasingly energy and resource efficient low-carbon construction an

d buildings. As a part of these efforts, Masdar City works with its contractors, developers, suppliers and other partners to develop and specify materials and processes that will help it reduce its environmental footprint through resource and energy conservation, as well as renewable energy generation.

Accelerate the development of sustainable concrete that is commercially viable with regard to cost and production quantities, and that satisfies Masdar City performance specifications.
Acknowledge and reward the teams working towards development of more environmentally friendly solution. The qualified finalist will be recognized and rewarded.
The qualified finalists will be selected by an internationally recognized judging panel and will be publicly recognized for their accomplishment. The judges will further observe and evaluate the field verification to select the winners.

Key criteria
Since Masdar City expects to use the winning concrete in construction of the city, the following are some of the key criteria for entry:

Produce concrete with minimum of 142 kg/m3 of embedded CO2, representing a 50 kg/m3reduction compared to that of the Masdar baseline mixture.

Contestants are expected to independently determine the performance of the baseline mixture using their own materials and match or exceed its performance with their proposed technology. Alternate material to the ones in the baseline mixture can be used.
For the selected finalists, field validation will be carried out at Masdar City using the bulk materials (sand and coarse aggregate) available on site (at the UAE) with the proposed technology. All concrete entries will be produced using local aggregate.
Develop concrete at equal or lower unit cost than that of the Masdar baseline mixture.
Design concrete with equal or better performance than that of the Masdar baseline mixture in terms of workability, constructability, heat development, curing requirements, mechanical properties, shrinkage, durability and service life.
Ability to produce 500,000 cubic meters per year.

Due to a large number of questions on alternate materials, availability and pricing, the following applies: Alternate (local or imported) material to the baseline mix are acceptable for the competition entry and for future production of concrete. Contestants should provide documentation supporting the alternate material pricing and availability for future production. All costs are for bulk delivery to the Masdar site. Aggregate should be sourced locally.

Benefits of applying
Recognition and acknowledgment of the qualified finalist and the winners.
An opportunity to have your concrete used in large quantities at Masdar City, in less than one year’s time.
An opportunity to contribute to lowering global CO2 emissions.
Commercial opportunities for the winners and finalists outside Masdar.
Prize money
It is anticipated that the prize money will help compensate the winning organisation for developing the project submission and participating in the field validation.

$150,000 $50,000
Sustainable Concrete Lowest Carbon Footprint Concrete
Best score for sustainable concrete production – optimal solution considering CO2 emissions, cost, performance and production capacity.

Winner is selected after field validation at Masdar City.
Lowest CO2 emission, while meeting Masdar baseline mixture performance specifications.

Cost and commercial viability are not constraints.

How to Participate
To receive the submittal package, submit letter of intent by April 20, 2010.
Submit report by May 17, 2010.
Submittal with missing information or with exception to the terms and conditions will be evaluated by the judging panel on a case by case basis.
Submit Request for Information by February 28, 2010.

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